Carolina Gonzalez Iwanow is a multitalented Artist, from music to jewelry, design, metal art, sculpture, paintings, photography, mix media, art direction..etc..Carolina is a constant explorer. She was born in Buenos Aires Argentina in a very artistic and musical family. At a very early age she developed her passion for music, arts, architecture, food, science, design and jewelry through the hand of her very talented parents and grandmother who was a designer and a taylor. Granny had a beautiful photo and fine jewelry collection that Carolina was amazed with both but jewelry was absolutely magic for her and she always wondered how all those tiny perfect pieces were built. Years later she study the fashion & textile design career at the University of Buenos Aires and in 1991, she studies contemporary jewelry with jeweler Jorge Castanon for just a few month and right after this experience she opened her own jewelry shop and work only with fire for her first year as a jeweler, meanwhile she was studying fashion and textile design at the University of Arquitecture of Buenos Aires and doing as many workshops she could do, latex special FX, photo, art history, serigraphy, sculpture, saxophone, vocal training.....etc...A few years later she begun to learn European and Argentinian folklore Silversmithing chasing & repuse Pottery with Master Jeweler Jorge Pablo Pallarols. Also she developed much of her knowledge of jewelry and the jewelry industry through first-hand experience designing, producing and manufacturing fine jewelry and high end fashion jewelry for the biggest brands and fashion brands in Argentina and worldwide. She has designed and manufactured for Maria Cher, Jazmin Chebar, Ona Saez, Ayres, Trosman, Churba, Chocolate, Vitamina, Guess?, Marciano, Bebe...She is currently Eva Mendez Collection Jewelry Designer. She created custom one of a kind pieces for Disney, Absolut Vodka, MTV, Nike & I Pod, General Mottors, Casa Foa etc...Carolina Iwanow hand craft as well big art precious metal sculptures and art furniture. In 2014 she had her Fine Silver Fortitude chair exhibit at Saatchi & Saatchi London at the Collectors exhibition. She is also an art director and a photographer. In 2003 Carolina open the first Contemporary Jewelry Art Gallery in Buenos Aires. In 1998 she start to teach jewelry & design at the University of Architecture of Buenos Aires and at her own studio forming now very well known names in the Argentinian and internationals jewelry & design scene. Carolina Iwanow is currently living in NYC creating & designing jewelry and teaching the secrets and the art of metalsmithing at her studio in Brooklyn.